it's about you leveling up:

Ever get the feeling that it's possible to do more, be more. obtain more... that there is MORE. Maybe it's this small voice that says things have a possibility of being better. Or maybe you're just done with the idea that what is, is all there is.  I'm here to tell you from personal experience that this is just the start...and I'm your guide to show you how to light the way to adventures you only dreamed of and some you never thought possible!




  • OVERCOMING obstacles

  • The feeling of CONFIDENCE and MOTIVATION 

  • Learning about new CAPABILITIES inside of you

  • How to have CONTROL over your results

  • and so much more!


Isn't it your turn to level up?


Alli MacKenzie

Alli MacKenzie is an El Segundo based, Transformational Healing Coach, Massage Therapist and Hobby Herbalist. Her passion and intrigue with the healing processes started when she was a young girl concerned with the wellbeing of all living things around her. Her life having many twisty road adventures has unexpectedly lead her where she is now! With over 12 years of massage and being a hobby herbalist she found a whole other level of transformation.  In 2021 she found iHeal Institute TM and quickly became a student, certifying in Hypnotherapy, NLP and Time Line Therapy®. In 2022 she is set to become a Master and It is her vision to one day teach this unique technique and to share it's amazing ability to peel away the dead layers of one's past and help each person to fully realize their amazing potential and personal power! 

Reflecting in the Meadow


You comfortably sit or lay down and are guided through a focused meditation about your goal. You see it, you feel what it's like to reach it, you taste the success of being in control. You want it more than ever!

As you come out of the mindset training you feel good, you feel empowered. That day your mindset shifts and you realize the step(s) you need to take, or it hits you a few days later. Either way, all you know is that the goal is now fully attainable!! Your ability to reach it is now clearly mapped in your mind!

Imagine... you have reached your goal, successfully and completely, all because of your strong desire and a Positive Change Hypnotherapy session!


I saw this in Vegas once!

Vegas has some great shows, no doubt! However it is a show!  

No tricks & audiences here! You will be conscious and aware of everything! You will simply feel relaxed! Ever drive somewhere and realize... "whoa, I don't remember consciously driving the last few blocks!"... that's called being in a focused meditative state, it's when we go from our Alpha brain waves to our Theta brain waves. We are awake, but so focused time and space is irrelevant.

*(I don't recommend trying to make that happen while driving)